Types of Compensation Plan

Binary Plan

A Binary Plan distributes Distributors to two legs, the right leg and left leg. Team work and team efforts of downlines is the only way to build a suceessful team. Compensation is increased through an increased number of team size. There are great benifits from a binary plan. With a binary plan, you can get spillovers, there are no limits as to how much you can get paid as long as your team is growing, and this can start up faster than you think!
Unilevel Plan

The Unilevel plan is very different from the Binary plan, it only approves of one level of distribution. So, unlike the Binary plan, spillover are not possible with this plan. Even though spill overs are not possible, there are still many benifits to a Unilevel plan. With a unilevel plan, you it is extremly easy to understandable and easy to explain to potential distributor. And with a Unilevel, your residual income is more reliable

MLM Compensation Calculator

Monthly sales volume per associate:
Level Commision % # of Distributors Monthly Commission

Total Monthly Commission
Hi my name is Will and welcome to my MLM calculator. The calculator above will help you calculate commissions for your (MLM) efforts.Fill in the fields in the calculator, input the info for those working on your down-line. For each level, this includes commission percentage, number of partners. When all of the fields are complete(LEAVE MONTHLY COMISSION EMPTY), click Results to get the your results.

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